Dr. Dennis Willert

Dr. Dennis Willert is a licensed chiropractor serving the Brookings community. Dr. Willert graduated from Lake Benton, MN in 1996. Dr. Willert attended Dakota State University in Madison, SD where he graduated in 2000 with his BS in Biology and Chemistry. Dr. Willert received his chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2005.

Dr. Willert’s Story
In my teenage years I suffered with acne, as many teenagers do. Diagnosed as “severe” by my MD, the treatment protocol called for chemical peels to be done over the course of weeks. This was not only painful, but painfully unsuccessful. On the advice of a family friend’s I tried chiropractic. Simply put, it was miraculous. I was hooked!

Later in high school, while playing football, I experienced a game ending neck injury leaving me unable to move or turn my head. This time “mom” came to my rescue. She took me straight to a chiropractor who discovered that I had a severe traumatic subluxation in my neck. That week, I went for adjustments everyday and, with my chiropractor’s help, I didn’t miss my start Friday night.

I am in love with this profession and have found my calling to serve! Chiropractic helped me, it can help you, too! Call us today to find out– (605) 692-0123.