October: National Chiropractic Health Month




From the world health organization: ~~Prescription drug misuse (PDM) or abuse is a worldwide problem. In the US, prescription medicines are the second most misused class of drugs after cannabis, and it has been predicted that misuse of these substances will soon exceed illicit drug use. PDM has been associated with a wide range of social and health harms, including medical emergencies, drug-related deaths, emotional or mental health problems, and problematic poly drug use. However, although PDM is internationally recognised as a problem, it is often one which is overlooked by policy makers and treatment and harm reduction intervention providers, and is often misunderstood within the community. View more.

~~Whether emotional or environmental, stress causes damage. It interferes with the professional and personal lives of nearly half our population,and its impact on the body can lead to long-term problems such as spinal misalignment. Stress plays a role in so many modern diseases that some experts estimate it accounts for half the nation’s healthcare-related expenses, says U.S. News & World Report.

~~To address the high levels of chronic pain and opioid use among veterans, several agencies are collaborating on a $21.7 million research project exploring non-drug treatment options. Spinal manipulation has already been endorsed by the federal Agency for Health Care Policy and Research as the “only safe and effective, drugless form of initial professional treatment for acute low back problems in adults.” In acknowledgement of the technique’s effectiveness at treating pain


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